Welcome, Developers.

Begin working with cryptocurrencies in seconds.

The line of code a developer can write the fastest, deploy the cheapest, and maintain the longest, is the line of the code the developer never had to write in the first place. Our goal is to eliminate 80% of the code you'd have to write so you can focus on the 20% that makes your app unique. 


What would you like to do?

  • Accept Payments - Receive any ERC20 token from users.
  • Request Signatures - Ask users to cryptographically sign and agree to something.
  • View Balances - View the balance of any ERC20 token in a user's wallet.
  • Lookup Emails - Provide a user's email and we'll return their wallet address (if present).
  • Create Wallet - Generate an unlimited number of new wallets using a simple GET request.
  • CORS Proxy - If you know what this means, we got you covered. If not, carry on.